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Susan Shiu 邵丽华

Susan Shiu

Susan began her successful real estate career on the Gold Coast in 2011 and has gained a stellar reputation during this time. She worked with several large franchise groups before leaving and starting her own company which introducing her international clients to real estate opportunities on the Gold Coast.


Susan prides herself on providing exceptional customer service ensuring that both the buyer and seller receive exceptional service. Many of her clients have concluded multiple transactions with Susan over her career which is a testament to her goal of having clients for life.


Susan is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Before her career in real estate Susan worked as a senior accountant in Mainland China. She also owned her own restaurant and building renovating business in Northwest China before moving to Hong Kong in 1995.


Susan came to Australia in 2001 to commence study for her MBA IN 2002. Her initial roles involved sourcing materials from China for Australian companies and this created natural opportunities in real estate and has enabled her to create a significant database of offshore clients who look to Susan for guidance and advice on real estate opportunities with Australia.


Her experience both locally and internationally has enabled Susan to create a significant network of clients. She has also been at the forefront of setting up Asian Community Associations and networking groups on the Gold Coast. She has worked and lived in several Australian cities and her local experience, knowledge, contacts and network means she has become the trusted advisor to a large international audience looking to do business and purchase real estate in Australia


Susan has experience in many aspects of real estate and she has successfully assisted with the sale of commercial, industrial and residential transactions including rural farms. She is a key figure in the Gold Coast real estate market, respected by her peers and trusted by her clients.

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